Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Path

Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Path

Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Path


Authored by Nelle Moffett with Richard D. Bowers

For both those who have found a spiritual home and for those who are still looking, there is a need for spiritual seekers to have a better understanding of the process and principles of spiritual development. If you want to do practices that have meaning for you and to be able to change your practice when something more or different is needed, this book will provide you with some basic principles to help you take charge of your own spiritual path. People are taking more responsibility for managing their own finances, their own psychological wellbeing, and their own education. Likewise, it is possible now to take charge of one’s own spiritual path. In most spiritual paths, the outcomes are often not made clear and the focus is placed on the practice itself without making the objective of the practice clear. This is disempowering for you, the practitioner. But now, we no longer have to stay stuck in this model. The purpose of this book is to identify some common underlying objectives of true spiritual practices outside of the doctrine that surrounds them. This book discusses the specific outcomes that different practices are designed to accomplish.
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“The great gift from this book was learning how to choose a spiritual practice to meet my current needs. I especially appreciated the chapter about what to do when you fall into a hole. The author’s humor, vulnerability and honesty made the book fun to read.”
Mairi Ross, Publisher, MCE Publishing

“This book provides a wealth of support for the spiritual path—a kind of pilgrim’s backpack full of tools for the journey and maps to help you discover your own route.”
Carolyn Altrock, MCE, LCSW

“This is a great book for those struggling with the old messages of the past that no longer apply to the world as we know it.”
Ted Lucas, University Administrator and Professor

“I found the book to be very approachable, and felt that I as reader was invited to have a comfortable conversation with the author. Many terms and ideas were familiar. The pace and flow of the text allowed me time between new ideas to have insights into my own past experiences. The style did not exhort me to spill my guts, journal my sins, or accept guilt for past painful episodes in my life, all of which was much appreciated. The tone was gentle and hopeful. After reading, I feel encouraged and empowered to resume my spiritual path.”
Carol Fleisher, Musician and Spiritual Seeker

“A delightful, spare treatment of a subject that often seems overly heavy and complex. I had the sense I was in the hands of a caring, wise friend.”
Victoria Kindle Hodson, Co-Author Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids

“I totally loved how this book captures the essence of so many spiritual and religious tenets and weaves them in a way that is not only clearly understood, but empowering for those seeking truth.”
John P. Carvana, Life Coach

“This book speaks to an authentic desire in a growing group of Americans.”
Tricia Keen, Executive Director of a non-profit organization