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  • The Process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).PDF A 2-page handout that provides a short overview of the basics of NVC.
  • Feelings and Needs List PDF Click on this link to display a printer friendly pdf document containing a two-page listing of common feelings and needs.
  • Empathy in Conflict Intervention: The Key to Successful NVC Mediation by Rick Bowers and Nelle Moffett. The focus of this book is on mediation, a third party intervention role that can be undertaken by supervisors, managers, human resource professionals, marriage and family therapists, teachers, mediators, peace keepers, and parents. The authors make a strong case for the central role of empathy in promoting a successful mediation, especially when ongoing relationships between the parties are at stake. This book provides a thoughtful study of the important role of empathy in mediation through the development of a theoretical model to explain the effectiveness of Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) mediation. The theory building process used in this book, as well as the list of conditions for a successful mediation, can be broadly applied to other third party intervention methods.Intended Audience: Mediators; Conflict Resolution and Third Party Interveners (managers, supervisors, human resources representatives) students, teachers, and professionals; Marriage and Family Therapists; and Attorneys.
  • Getting Past Enemy Images: An Interactive Session on Perspective Taking. PDF Presented at the 2010 Association for Conflict Resolution 10th Annual Conference in Chicago. The presentation will provide both theoretical background and interactive exercises on perspective taking. We will distinguish empathy from sympathy and active listening. Examples and role plays used in this presentation will illustrate and provide practice in using empathy in cross-cultural situations. Participants will practice a specific method for supporting clients in perspective taking.
  • Mediator Licensing and Certification in California. HTML PDF The process of selecting a mediator can be very confusing and frustrating. How does one go about determining who is best qualified, experienced, or successful? Is there a licensing or certification procedure that ensures that a mediator has met at least minimal standards? This article discusses the licensing and certification standards in California, the range of training programs available, the definition of terms such as “certificate” and “certified”, and how this information may be used in selecting a mediator for your situation.
  • Lessons Learned – Reflections of an Empathetic Mediator. PDF A one-page article by Rick Bowers for the Ventura Center for Dispute Resolution (VCDS) Oct-Dec 2011 Quarterly E-Newsletter. The article distinguishes empathy from sympathy and compassion — and describes the value of empathy in mediation.

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  • Abilene Christian Universities. HTML Master of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation is designed to help make those dreams a reality for confident, hard working, ambitious individuals with a passion for higher education. The Master of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation program helps you develop the professional skills and personal leadership strategies you need to thrive in the conflict resolution industry. The main goal is to help individuals looking to better their lives, with providing this thrilling degree geared to set you up for success. This program is 100% online so students anywhere can take advantage of this great opportunity.

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