Training Workshops

Speak PeaceSM Training Workshops


  • Do you find yourself in the middle of a confrontation and don’t know how that happened?
  • Are you staying awake at night worrying about a conversation that you are going to have with someone and fearing the worst?
  • Are you mystified about how your most clear and well-intentioned communications get twisted and misunderstood?

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, our communication backfires and seems to produce even more misunderstanding and conflict. Very often, this occurs with the people and situations in our lives that we care the most about.

We have designed Speak PeaceSM training opportunities to help you prepare for and engage in these difficult conversations and achieve the outcomes that you really intended all along.

We custom design our workshops to fit your time, style, and situational needs. We teach specific communication skills and provide interactive exercises so that you can learn how to communicate in ways that will be more likely to produce the desired outcome.

Testimonials: “It has been a life changing experience….” “My skills for creating loving connections at home and work have improved.” “…a new way of thinking and resolving conflict.”

“Nelle & Rick facilitated classes on Nonviolent Communication for both staff and participants of Helping Hands Re-Entry, a program for homeless and people with addictions. The NVC classes offered a cornerstone tool kit to our program. Many of our people do not have the skills to express their needs in an acceptable manner. They were shown how to create a connection with someone and find common ground … Many situations could be prevented from escalating by using the communication tools taught in these classes. I know the class really helped a lot of people feel more confident in dealing with authority or adversity…. Read More…

Sample of Workshop Topics: We provide custom-designed workshops to meet the need of your situation and organization. Here are some example topics to give you an idea of some of the possibilities, however, we can also develop a topic to address your specific needs.

  • How to Speak Your Truth More Effectively
  • Building more Collaboration and Teamwork in Your Organization
  • Empathy for the Caring Professions
  • Learn How to Communicate Effectively When Communication REALLY Matters!
  • Partnership Parenting in Action
  • Beyond Reward and Punishment
  • Cultivating Our Power to Choose When Life has Dealt us a Challenging Hand
  • Be the Change: How Communication Can Transform Your World
  • Workplace Performance Evaluations: Feedback without Criticism
  • Communicating Across Differences
  • Empathy in the Workplace
  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships
  • Making Peace with Anger
  • Communication 101 for Engaged or Newly Married Couples
  • Saying “No!” (While Staying Friends!)
  • Saying “I’m Sorry” without Giving In
  • Getting Comfortable with Conflict
  • Speak PeaceSM in Support of Your Spiritual Path


*Speak PeaceSM is informed by Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication™ and Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) of The Center for Nonviolent Communication.