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  • Do you sometimes find that you are arguing with the people you care about and wonder what happened?
  • Do you wish for more intimacy and connection in your relationships with spouse, children, and friends?
  • Do you feel frustrated when people misunderstand your intentions or discount what you say?
  • Have you and a person you care about simply stopped talking?

In our homes even the best intentioned people have conflicts that are painful and disconnect them from each other. Speak PeaceSM is a language we use when our intention is to connect with others so that everyone’s needs can be joyfully met.

Our commitment is to support you in preparing for and conducting difficult conversations to develop agreement on issues in conflict. We are especially committed to the creation of an environment which is safe, respectful for all sides in the conflict, and conducive to mutual resolution.

We have designed Speak PeaceSM Relationship Coaching to assist you to engage in these difficult conversations and achieve the outcomes that you really intended all along. We guide the process so each side deeply “hears” the perspective of the other—focusing on your feelings and needs. The goal is a type of connection where everyone’s needs can be met.

Family Coaching: Family coaching may be with parents, parents and young or teenage children, couples and aging parents, siblings and aging parents. Family patterns of communication tend to be unconscious, deeply ingrained, and self-perpetuating. Coaching is conducted both in individual and family-group sessions as needed. Communication coaching can help to shift and resolve long-standing patterns and lead to more peaceful, loving, and satisfying family relationships.

Typically we have a separate one hour meeting with each party to understand each perspective. It’s also an opportunity to answer questions. Next, everyone gets together for a facilitated group conversation. These sessions are planned to last a maximum of three hours; there can be several of these over several days or weeks depending on the complexity of the situation.

Personal Coaching: Individual coaching sessions are available for personal or business related communication issues. Individual coaching promotes skill development through practice sessions with the coach, developing a communication strategy, homework assignments, and application to your real life situation. Follow-up sessions support continuous refinement and improvement of your communication skills, confidence, and empowerment. Personal Coaching is generally for 3-6 months.

You will gain practical skills for how to…

  • …create fulfilling relationships and live in harmony with those around you
  • …make clear requests in a way that is more likely to get the cooperation of others
  • …stay open to others in the face of painful judgments and criticisms
  • …express your truth in a way that you are most likely to be heard
  • …meet with compassion those people whose actions support injustice, violence and inequality
  • …deepen your capacity to empathize with others and yourself

General Fees: Contact us for pricing specific to your situation.

Testimonials: “It has been a life changing experience….” “My skills for creating loving connections at home and work have improved.” “…a new way of thinking and resolving conflict.”

*Speak PeaceSM is informed by Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication™ and Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) of The Center for Nonviolent Communication.