Practice Groups

Speak PeaceSM Practice Groups

Small GroupReinforce the Speak PeaceSM skills you learned through our workshops or coaching sessions by participating in practice groups.

Practice Group Training: Practice groups are a cost effective way to improve your communication skills. Just like learning a foreign language, it takes time and practice to develop fluency in Speaking PeaceSM. Most people benefit by regular practice in a small group for several months. With practice you will be able to try out various approaches in a safe environment before you have to speak where it counts. This practice will help you to build confidence, speed, and competence for skillful communication in the regular flow of your life.

In a practice group you will have plenty of opportunity to practice role playing, learn from observing the processing of others, receive specific feedback on how to improve your communication, participate in skill building exercises, and practice communication skills to apply to any situations you want to improve in your life. In our practice groups, you have the freedom to choose the level of participation which feels comfortable for you.

Join an ongoing Speak PeaceSM practice group or contact us to create a new practice group.

*Speak PeaceSM is informed by Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication™ and Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) of The Center for Nonviolent Communication.