Meeting and Workshop Facilitation


  • Do you sometimes feel frustrated by conversations that follow the same old tracks, often going in circles?
  • Do you long for productive meetings or workshops?
  • Do you wish that you had more collaboration and creativity in your workplace and community groups?
  • Do you want to create healthy and connecting conversations among people of differing ethnic, religious, or political groups?

Unfortunately, unconscious group processes tend to keep old and ineffective communication patterns stuck in place. In this kind of environment, people tend to either shut down and withdraw or become angry and aggressive. And yet, sometimes subtle changes can have a big impact.

At Speak PeaceSM, we have designed group process models to help you engage in conversations that support creativity, collaboration, and conflict resolution. We have worked with small groups such as executive leadership teams, governing boards, church groups, and work task groups. We have also worked with large groups including whole organization strategic planning groups and multi-agency community groups. We will custom design our approach to meeting and workshop facilitation to fit your group culture and situational needs.

We have found that effective group process models allow space for multiple perspectives and alternative ideas to surface. People who participate in our processes are engaged and energized, and they tend to take responsibility and ownership for generating innovative solutions. Our group process models empower the participants and generate well-being in the workplace, community, or other settings. We will help you to initiate conversations about things that matter and bring more life into your organization or community.

Our commitment is to support you in conducting meaningful conversations that build connections among people and lead to break-through solutions. We are especially committed to the creation of an environment which is safe and respectful of all perspectives.