Conflict Mediation

Conflict Mediation

Mission Statement

Changing the face of conflict resolution, we provide leading edge support to parties in conflict that is transformative, empowering, and compassionate.

Speak Peace

Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients want an alternative to adversarial litigation or pressure tactics. They are committed to finding the best outcome for all parties, not just for themselves. Our approach to mediation is especially helpful in situations where the parties want to maintain a healthy and peaceful relationship with each other following the mediation.


We support our clients in preparing for and conducting difficult conversations for the purpose of developing agreement on issues in conflict. We create an environment which is safe, respectful for all sides in the conflict, and conducive to mutual resolution. Our goal is to create an outcome that is a win-win for everyone not just an unsatisfactory compromise. Our mediation process is guided by our Values that support our clients in coming to a resolution that all parties are happy with.